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Delightful and scalable customer experiences are possible, no matter how fast your business is growing or how large your customer base is. For less than it costs to hire a single support rep, Insightful Delight works with you to:

• Increase customer satisfaction & mitigate churn

• Eliminate support tickets & minimize support costs

• Quantify support drivers so you can make data-driven product improvements

• Empower customers to help themselves if they want to (and studies show that they do!)

Turn Customers into Brand Evangelists

Let's be real: products and services should just work. When they don't and customers ask for help, the business has fallen short. The good news is that this is a prime opportunity to make a human connection with your customer and knock their socks off. With the proper strategy and tools in place, you can convert your biggest haters into your biggest fans.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Customer support volume shouldn't grow at the same pace as your customer base. Instead of hiring more people to tackle the support ticket queue, we help you use fewer but higher-skilled customer pros to get to the root of what drives support tickets in the first place. And we'll help you figure out how to find those customer pros, too!

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Make Data-Driven Product Choices

Well-executed support is more than a band-aid for product issues; it provides data about product and business opportunities. By designing a value-adding customer support strategy, you can leverage actionable data about how customers use your product in the real world. This information is invaluable for identifying opportunities and deepening your understanding of your customers. 

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