Understand Where You Are & Set Goals

  • Assessment—This is the starting place for all other services. We review your current strategy to identify opportunities to grow your strengths and tackle challenges.

Help More Customers in Less Time

  • Best practices coaching—While it's impossible to prepare for every support issue the team will encounter, we equip you with the underpinning philosophies and skills to navigate situations smoothly and reliably.

  • Documentation—Documentation is the key to scaling support. We help you determine what to document, what not to document (that’s right; documentation shouldn’t be comprehensive!), and implement technical writing best practices that ensure your content grows with you (e.g., write for localization now so you don’t have to rewrite everything when you localize later).

  • Tools for scaling—We explore how to leverage technology (not people) to do repetitious work, how to use your team's talent and reclaimed time to provide amazing service that turns customers into fans, and how to ensure that a small team of passionate people can serve many customers long-term.

Stop Product Issues from Costing You Money & Customers

  • Reporting—We help you surface actionable data that you can share with other parts of the organization so that they understand and are empowered to fix support drivers.

  • Usability studies—We help set you up with an entry-level usability lab that you can use to better connect the dots between your customer support interactions and the product itself.

  • Tool integration—We work with you to integrate your support tool with other teams' tools for automated, cross-functional data sharing.

Stop Wasting Money on Revolving-Door Support Teams

  • Vision alignment—Great customer experience starts at the top with customer-driven leaders. We’ll talk about your team’s mission, ensure it ties back to the company’s mission and goals, and get everyone on the same page in the interest of end-to-end customer success.

  • Career path planning—For customers to have a great experience, the people who serve them need to be genuinely bought in. We work with you to build career paths that inspire loyalty and provide opportunity, thereby allowing team members to grow with the company long-term and saving the company in turnover costs!

  • Hiring and training—Great customer experience boils down to having great people. We review your company’s specific customer experience needs and help equip you to prioritize hires, screen candidates for those slippery soft skills, and train and prepare new-hires for the front lines.

Next-Level the Operation

  • Customized Style Guide—We work together to develop a Support Style Guide that helps align the team around the same processes and documentation style, empowering everyone to make decisions quickly and ensuring a reliable and consistent customer experience. Don't worry, though: team members still have room for their own voices!

  • Quality assurance program design—We customize a program that your support team can use to hold each other accountable to continuous learning and improvement.

  • Tool configuration—We assess your specific needs and set you up with the tools that will best empower you to provide awesome, scalable support.

We offer services for tech companies of varying sizes & stages

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